How to Buy High Quality Mazafati Dates From Salehoo

October 5, 2021 , Mazafati dates

Mazafati dates is one of the exotic products of Iranian dyes. This kind of exotic date is not only considered as a luxury food but also because of its delectable flavor. It is also known as the dessert dates, Persian dates or African dates and it is harvested from Mount Kerman in Iran. This kind of exotic date is never regarded in the same category of nuts because of its high moisture content. Storage conditions during storage are usually at a low temperature between -5 degree to +5 degree Celsius. These dates are often stored in air tight plastic containers which are then either hung or stored in dry, cool places.

Mazafati dates come in two different categories – black or white Mazafati dates and shelled or muscled Mazafati dates. Black dates can be used for making sweets, pies, ice cream, coffee etc. White Mazafati dates on the other hand are ideal for preserving dry fruits like dates, raisins and dates, peaches, plums and nectarines. Shelled and muscled Mazafati dates form an important part of organic foods because they have high moisture contents, natural sugars and a very good shelf life. Both these dates are used for preparing delicious desserts and snacks.

The Mazafati Tree grows abundantly on the mountainous region near the Qashqai River and this species of tree yields a large quantity of dates annually. Mazafati dates are rich in edible oil, seeds and latex. The seeds of this fruit have been said to contain medicinal properties, but no studies have been made to support this. Nevertheless, many believe that the seeds have healing properties, which can be used to treat diabetes, cancer and other diseases.

When Mazafati dates is ripe, it is turned into powder, and its skin is peeled off to reveal the fresh fruits inside. It is advised to pick them while they are still plump and have a soft texture. This makes it easier for you to crack them and separate the juice from them. The skin of the fruits of this tree is very thin, and they easily bruise when picked. You will need to press the dates to extract the juice, and this should be done quickly after they are plucked.

Unlike most dried Mazafati dates, Iranian dates retain much of their original moisture. They retain almost all their moisture, and they don’t shrink in size when pressed. Iranian dates can also be stored easily and are available in various varieties, sizes and shapes.

Most people think that the reason why the fiber content of Iranian Mazafati dates is so high is because it contains a lot of water. However this is not the case; the fiber content of an Iranian date is actually concentrated, so it retains a large amount of water. This is because it is a low-moisturizer. To clarify; unlike the majority of other kinds of dates, an Iranian one does not lose its moisture when pressed. It retains a large amount of moisture, which works well for keeping the fibers of the dates intact and allowing them to maintain their shape.

Besides working as a great digestive aid, Mazafati dates contain a valuable nutrient which improves the health of your nervous system. This nutrient has been proven to prevent osteoporosis, as it helps your body to absorb calcium more effectively. These dates contain potassium, which works to keep your blood pressure from rising, your heart rate from slowing down, and your breathing from becoming shallow. Potassium is also an important mineral for regulating your digestive system, since it helps move the waste products out of your body.

Mazafati dates are the best quality dates available on the market today. These fruits are hardy and can survive even the harshest of climates. They do not wilt, they do not change color, and they retain their moisture level the whole time you store them. If you wish to buy fresh Mazafati dates online, you can try getting them from Salehoo suppliers who specialize in helping online retailers ship their products safely and quickly. If you choose to buy Mazafati in bulk, be sure to purchase them at the peak of their freshness, as high moisture levels will prevent your products from retaining any of their nutrients.