Best Date Fruits and Where To Find Them

October 13, 2021 , Dates Products

Date Fruits are packed with essential nutrients that can improve our bone health. One of the best date fruits, and one of the most nutritious, is the mango. They are low in fat, very filling and pack a great amount of nutrients.

The second best date fruit is the persimmon. They pack a lot of antioxidants. Rich in vitamins A and C they have been widely acclaimed as a heart health food. Eating fresh persimmon packed with essential minerals is an excellent way to improve your heart health.

Third is the red dates. These dates are very rich in potassium and are packed with the mineral magnesium. Magnesium aids in regulating blood pressure. Try eating some of the best date fruits packed with minerals like magnesium.

Fourth is the kiwifruit. These types of dates have plenty of antioxidants and are loaded with essential minerals. They are also good for our digestive system and help prevent cancer. Eating a juicy kiwifruit has long been rumored to have a healing effect on cancer cells.

Fifth is the kiwi. The kiwi is a heavy, dark green vegetable. It’s high in potassium and calcium. New research shows that eating at least one pound of kiwifruit per week can lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. This is one of the best date fruits for our heart health.

The sixth is the semolina. The semolina dates are sweeter than other kinds of dates and have more than 60% of fructose. This makes them a good choice for diabetics. The diabetes-fighting benefits may be related to the uric acid levels lowering which is believed to be caused by the fructose in the semolina. It’s also believed that the low level of calories in this kind of date helps make the diet more attractive to those who need to lose weight.

Seventh is the persimmon. This kind of palm fruit is high in mono unsaturated fats and proteins, and can be used as a main ingredient in the preparation of meals. A few studies show that eating a pound of dates in a person’s diet may help strengthen the bones and muscles. It may help prevent blood sugar levels from rising too much.

Last but not least is the pear. The pear is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. It also contains a little fats which is great for a quick pick-me-up. Eating a pear after a meal can help improve your digestion and may help prevent heart disease, stroke, or any other kind of disease.

All these benefits make it clear that dates are a real energy booster. And now you know what should be packed in those energy boosters. Yes, dates are packed with all the goodness we’ve been discussing here. It can be eaten directly or mixed with various dishes. For instance, here are some quick and easy ideas for incorporating them into your diet.

o Desserts. They’re one of the best things to have on hand when you need a pick-me-up. You can eat dates with various flavors like strawberry, almond, chocolate, etc. or you may even add fruit juice to them to improve their flavor. This is a great way to incorporate them into a regular diet without piling on the calories

o Smoothies. I’m sure you’ve heard about them already. I’m referring to the delicious smoothies that can be had by simply blending up some fresh berries, pitted dates, honey, raisins etc. and then consuming it directly after preparing it with a delicious flavor punch.

o Spicy snacks. These kinds of snack treats can be made by blending kiwi, mango, date palm tree and grapes with water to form the popular drink we know as latte. The kiwi fruit is called Iraq in Arabic and is said to be the first seen fruit from Australia which was used centuries ago for medicinal purposes. The mango fruit dates back to ancient times and is also known as the black mango.

In conclusion, this article discussed the benefits of dates and several ways of incorporating them into your daily diet to improve nutrition and energy. The main factor to consider is that all the benefits mentioned above are from the natural category and should therefore be included in any diet plan or exercise program. If you have any health problems or are suffering from any underlying diseases, please consult your doctor before starting any new exercise or diet regimen. For anyone interested in learning more about any of the health articles I have written, please visit my website today.