How to Preserve Fruits For Drying Using the Palm Tree

November 5, 2021 , Dates Products


The popular Palm pre-dates its humble beginnings from the seeds of a palm tree that is found in Australia. Palm trees are found almost everywhere in this wonderful tropical nation. Palm trees produce dates, olives, citrus fruits and other fruits that we find delicious today. Palm trees have been cultivated for centuries in different parts of Australia and some parts of the world.

The most important part of the Palm species is its edible seeds that are commonly known as “dates”. The palm trees can be grown in all types of soils and conditions. Some palms prefer the shade provided by surrounding trees while others grow better in the rocky areas. The type of soil that best suits the production of dates palm depends on what the climate of the region is like.

While the production of dates palm has been greatly enhanced through scientific methods, traditional methods of preserving them are still practiced. The Palm manufacturer, whether online or locally, usually packs the date palm in wax paper or thick layers of dried leaves. Some people will even use metal foil to coat the fruits to prolong their shelf life. There are two different methods of preserving the dates: one involves using the sun’s method to dry out the dates while the other uses freezing. This method, the freezing method, is more effective for preserving the longer lasting ones.

The Palm manufacturer will offer you a variety of products such as dates, sultanas, raisins, Jordan almonds, manganese dates and even cassava palms. There are several varieties of dates available in the market. You can choose the type of palm that you prefer such as, African, Australian, Asian, Mexican, Russian, Sedu and others. You may even get to order rarer or exotic varieties if there are available in your area. These rare varieties are more expensive so be sure that you are getting them from reliable sources.

The different kinds of Palm include African, Iranian, Azanian, Brazilian, Egyptian, Mexican, Japanese, Tanzania and Thai palms. In recent years, due to less demand, the Egyptian palm is becoming rarer to find. Also, while some palms such as the African and Chinese varieties can still be cultivated, most of these palms are already completely used up.

The dates are a wonderful way to preserve your favorite fruits for several years. The shelf life of these fruits is yet to be proven but it is safe to say that they could last from eight years to ten years. However, this would depend greatly on how you store them. Also, when you purchase your fruits from your local grocers or bakers, you are assured that you are buying fresh and quality products.