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November 20, 2022 , Dates Products, Healthy food

Principles of diet for the elderly

The food consumed by the elderly should be low in sodium. Usually, these people have high blood pressure and consuming too much sodium can be dangerous for them. Also, their food plan should be rich in fiber and calcium and their diversity should be respected so as not to cause lack of appetite.


Many elderly people may have weakened jaw muscles or use dentures. For this reason, food for the elderly should be soft and easily digested. It should also be low in fat and pay attention to its calories. In order to maintain proper nutrition, the elderly should consume nutrients and useful substances in the required amount. Dates are one of these foods that have many benefits for them, which we will discuss further.


Dates and their characteristics

Dates, as a sweet fruit, have essential elements and substances for the human body. Putting this food in the diet of the elderly can provide them with many useful and essential substances such as vitamins, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Of course, it should be pointed out that the quality of consumed dates is also very important to the extent of its impact on the health of the elderly.


Dates contain a lot of sugar, and there is some fat on the outside and under the skin. The elderly have many underlying diseases that require caution when consuming foods such as dates. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the physical conditions of the elderly person for consuming dates. But if dates are consumed in the standard level, besides giving energy to the elderly, it can be effective in maintaining their physical and mental health by introducing useful elements into their bodies.